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SEX MY AREA CASUAL ENCOUNTER tackles a history of what he calls the “Other” women, that is, prostitutes and bar- maids in early Japanese communities in the Pacific North West on both sides of. 15 Jan This is NOT a 'national subreddit', but rather a general-interest subreddit for Japan and some related topics. Very few of our subscribers are. 13 Jan Western women are often recruited by shady “model agencies” or They are usually forced into prostitution after unknowingly incurring.

The safest assumption seems to me that, though geisha were legally prohibited from prostitution and publicly avowed that they never practiced it, in actuality many of them did just as many women of every time and place do. After Japan was opened to Western influence in the second half of the 19 th century, the Japanese began to adopt more Western notions of control over prostitutes and passed a number of new laws which made it harder to do business even in the red-light districts.

These men made a career of recruiting poor young women, mostly from fishing families, and then arranging for their travel to Asian brothels some even went as far as Zanzibar, Hawaii and California. But as Japan continued to expand its Asian presence, the military soon ran out of volunteers and began actively recruiting prostitutes in China and Korea. When this strategy failed to obtain whores in the required numbers officials resorted first to misrepresentation recruiting poor women as prostitutes throughout the Empire by greatly overstating the pay they would receive , then to deception women were told they were being recruited as nurses or factory workers , and eventually to straightforward abduction.

It is estimated that about , women were enslaved in these wartime brothels, though many Japanese propagandists both in and out of the government claim the number was much lower some claim as few as 20, and deny that any women were ever forced despite the testimony of thousands of victims. The issue remains controversial to this day, and historical revisionism of the Holocaust Denial type has become quite popular in recent years.

The Japanese government recognized that just as its own horny soldiers had tended to rape women in territories they had occupied, so the Allied troops now posed the same danger in Japan. But whether because of rape, amateur activities or Japanese prostitutes being less scrupulous about condom use than their Western sisters, venereal disease rates among American troops soared and under intense pressure from the US, the Japanese government legally banned prostitution for the very first time in Even in this case, however, Japan did things differently from Western nations.

Prostitution was defined only as vaginal intercourse for pay; every other form of commercial sex including oral and anal sex is completely legal! Besides the usual array of call girls, escorts, brothels including themed brothels where the girls dress as popular anime characters , strip clubs and massage parlors there are also spas and bathhouses where sexual services are available in addition to the mundane ones. Posted in History , Perception Tagged archeofeminism , bad customers , Brazil , brothels , China , condoms , courtesans , disease , East Asia , Japan , Japanese Prostitution , Korea , law , marriage , naturalness , pimps , psychology , red-light districts , sisterhood , slavery , Thailand 42 Comments.

So to put it in blunt and vulgar terms: As a person, I think that the narrow restriction is silly. It seems to suggest that the vagina is sacrosanct, above mere commercialism, in a way that the hands, mouth, or anus are not.

Apparently the American authorities felt that oral or anal transmission was not a problem and accepted the compromise, though why the ban is still in place long after the occupation ended is a mystery to me. From what I can tell, the Japanese government is essentially a Bureaucracy — even more so than most modern governments. Bureaucracies do not scuttle regulations, ever.

They develop Byzantine systems for applying them selectively, since that puts more power in the hands of the cockroaches iI mean Bureaucrats. It seems to me that this would be more about female-to-male transmission. I might be wrong about that, though. Quite a few places around the world have held on to some of the western varieties of prudery, apparently out of a desire to counter the notion that they were morally inferior to western culture. The problem with this of course is that it assumes that western notions of morality are the standard against which everyone else should be judged.

That makes sense, considering it was the US who forced it on them because of VD among the troops. Barsoom to about a dozen photo-galleries of exactly that. Are these actual our-world women so dressed? Feel free to point. And did you ever read the sexual offences figures for Tokyo after the Japanese ban? The ban was actually implemented on April 1, Scan down here until you get to the 50 years ago section: Certainly its rape figures rose a lot, but the complication is that I think the same radfems who criminalised the clients also radically shook up their definition of rape.

God knows what it does involve. Swedish law makes fewer distinctions they only have one homicide crime, rather than separate murder and manslaughter and leaves the judge with a lot more discretion on sentencing. Though I found this an interesting read, I think your view of Geisha is somewhat distorted.

Yes, many sold sex but that was often because they had been sold into the profession and had debts their training and clothes to pay off. So, yes, though, there denied it, they did often sell sex because they were forced to. They were sold into a profession that was in many ways that of an artist, but one which forced them to do with their bodies whatever their owners saw as fit.

I would advise anyone interested in the subject of Geishas to look a bit deeper than just their early start. You are feeding a western fantasy by doing that, not upholding legit sex workers or honoring what all those who were forced into that line of work had to endure.

Jessica, my columns are never intended to exhaust a subject, but rather to serve as an introduction to it. I suspect she slipped that in very subtle. Is it my eyes, or does that Geisha in the photograph have an unusually thick neck for a woman? Geishas in the specific sense the word is now used throughout the world were never male.

I can understand that and I thank you for the reply. I myself am writing a book on Geishas my great grandmother was once one and so I know a bit more on the topic than what is generally given to the public both Western and Japanese. I know that sex work was often forced upon the women who worked as Geishas, which another reason that so many modern Geisha try to push that aspect of the past away, sometimes even deny it.

However, because they were mentioned together, many thought they were the same thing. Some may have used the title for other prostitues since they too often entertained in more than sex, but, traditionally, they have always been kept seperate.

I tend to get a bit wordy on this topic, lol. I do wish sex workers had better working conditions in Japan. Somebody should do this for real, but the impression I got is that prostitutes in anime fall into two classes: But these last seem rare, and are only occasional prostitutes, almost like a hobby. Yahiko Myoujin is not ashamed, but states that he is proud that his mother was willing to do whatever it took to support her son. Conquered and abducted foreign women aside, Debt-Slavery would be the most common and prevalent form throughout their history.

Poor families who could not pay what the feudal lords demanded they owed in back-taxes or borrowed money, gambling debts, etc would often be forced to sell daughters or even their own wives as a last resort to pay the debts.

Highly illegal of course, but if the moneylender is unscrupulous enough, playing the Loyalty to Family card can pressure even an underage teen girl of a financially vulnerable family into feeling she must make such an enormous sacrifice to rescue her family from debt and poverty. Family honor and responsibilities are often weighed above strict adherence to laws… which like anywhere else in the world, a lot of money can buy a blind eye from authorities to, which would be made very clear to the girl, if not already understood.

Scenarios varying on this theme get touched on in a lot of the grittier sorts of manga. The population is thus all familiar with the concept of such arrangements even if they live their whole lives never meeting a person involved in one directly. Dashing heros to rescue you at the last minute are unfortunately extremely uncommon in life outside mangas.

Corruption and abuse of power and authority unfortunately much less so. Whoa, quite a tangent I rant on about… and in an old post too. Wonder if anyone will actually get to read this.

Since that meant she was permanently out of the game, it was a real if small sacrifice on my part. It nearly happened to Jane in the original book Tarzan of the Apes.

Of course you do, Robert Canler, and the hope of just such a contingency was in your mind when you loaned papa the money for that hair-brained escapade, which but for a most mysterious circumstance would have been surprisingly successful.

Canler, would have been the most surprised. You had no idea that the venture would succeed. Masamitsu Goda, who runs a Tokyo bar that employs Russian hostesses, claimed few of them actually become victims of sexual or drug abuse. Obara is also accused of fatally drugging an Australian woman in , and drugging and raping eight other women, two of them Westerners, from the late s to Most human-trafficking cases in Japan involve women from other parts of Asia and Latin America.

They are usually forced into prostitution after unknowingly incurring millions of yen in debt upon arrival in Japan. According to the National Police Agency, 46 human-trafficking cases were reported between January and September involving 27 foreign women — 21 from Thailand, four from Colombia and two from Russia.

The women had been forced to work as hostesses, strippers or prostitutes, and 12 brokers and 18 club owners and managers were arrested. Of the 27 women, 22 Thais and Colombians were told upon arrival that they owed the brokers between 2 million yen and 6. The Russians also told the NPA their employers were taking some of their pay. But these figures represent just the tip of the iceberg. Last June, the United States put Japan on its special watch list of countries on the verge of falling into the worst category of human-trafficking.

The NPA meanwhile has formed contacts with 22 embassies in Japan, the International Labor Organization, the International Organization for Migration and a few other groups working on behalf of foreign women in this country. The organizations are cooperating on information exchanges, trafficking cases and victim support, the NPA official said. Otsu of HELP said Japan needs to take more concrete measures to reach out to victimized women, such as launching hour hotlines.

She also said the government should reach out to more Westerners. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. If you're not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: