Craiglist sluts dating apps

craiglist sluts dating apps

We'll see who really has game when the tide recedes. That law is some bullshit, any platform can be abused-Holding the host liable for what the users do is a bad precedent. It looks like Reddit is getting rid of subreddits that have to do with hookers and sugar daddies.

You can be sure that Seeking Arrangement management is in discussions with their lawyers right now. The fact that they have not also gone dark may mean only the most overt promoters of prostitution are affected, whereas something at least more subtle like SA may not be at risk.

But watch this space. It is difficult to have sympathy with so many of the online lords who gleefully cheered the removal of "nazi" sites which one day were found to have mysteriously violated the terms of service and found themselves de-platformed.

What might not be obvious is the titans of Hollywood - like Disney are the ones behind this move. From the EFF article: Algorithms and artificial intelligence have made major advances in recent years, and some content companies have used those advances as part of a push for mandatory, proactive filters. It's not at all about fighting prostitution, it's about policing content so Big Hollywood makes more money.

This post was last modified: Damn, where am I going to find chicks to play out my weird fetishes now. SA hasn't gone dark because that's their only business. For everyone else, way too dangerous. Even SA management is probably just looking for layers to insulate itself.

Reading those CL ads was an endless source of amusement. It never ceased to amaze me that people would place the most disgusting pictures of themselves online for the world to see.

All because they had a slight possibility of having sex. I'm old enough to remember "swinger" magazines. A friend once compared the pictures in those to a study of shaved whales. There was some great intel in those ads. That article by Reason Magazine is a great find.

This goes way beyond Craigslist and I think this discussion should be moved to the "Everything Else" section. This is Big Government at its most horrific. What they've done is taken a word, "trafficking," that can be used to amplify any sex-related crime into a major one. They've also gotten major amounts of grant money to publicize ridiculous claims, like saying thousands of women are "trafficked" for the Superbowl.

Luckily, there are reporters and bloggers out there who have been picking this apart for years. These actually include people associated with the left, such as the Electronics Frontier Foundation, The Village Voice, and several prominent sex workers who have blogs. I'll post some links later on in this thread, which might even need to be renamed in order to focus on FOSTA and SESTA, which could in some ways possibly even affect this forum see the above Reason article about online speech control.

It is funny how so many words can be expanded hysterically to include almost any behavior, male behavior that is. It is funny too how Jordan Peterson was labelled hysteric when he said that the law in Canada not only making it illegal to call a man in a dress 'he,' but making your employer liable for your 'misgendering' whether they knew about it or not and whether you did it intentionally or not, was setting a dangerous precedent.

The common thread here is a move away from the 'reasonable person' standard to the 'most upset person' standard. Or we could say, a move away from the spirit of the law to the letter of the law. And who loves the letter of the law better than petty tyrants, who get to act out all their power fantasies under the guise of fake altruism? Don't know about you, but sometimes I am hyper vigilant about what I say, and nervous as a cat.

Who in the world would want half of the population constantly second guessing themselves? Coincidentally, the half of the population who are really good at getting things done when they put their minds to it?

This should be very simple to copycat in a new hosting location. I give it 4 weeks before there's a new main alternative. Either that or it will simply die to Tinder, etc. Was this any popular? In Europe, Craigslist is basically dead.

Spoken like someone who hasn't gotten results from online dating platforms. Either adapt or die. Saying these whore-filled apps should be banned is no different than a guy saying all these whore-filled bars and clubs should be shut down because he hasn't been getting laid from them. I could see it now: That should teach these whores to only allow aggressive extroverted good-looking guys to bang them! Keep swiping those toronto sluts bro. I met several women per year there - may not seem like many to you younger guys but I don't have time for constant gaming, rarely go out to bars I've tried Tinder but have had zero luck.

I think it is because I would log in, swipe away for minutes, then hide my profile so that my photo wasn't "out there" in the world for people ie friends of the wife to see. So girls could never see me. I assume if I had no face pics I'd still get zero responses All that said I'm really trying to stop looking for pussy on the side - certainly significantly reduced - but life and needs get complicated Curious where people who are looking for truly discreet nsa encounters will go.

This whole story is really fascinating to me. Craigslist has always been a proponent of internet freedom so I'm surprised to see them lay down this easy. Cook County Sherrif ie Chicago Tom Dart went after them years ago and made them take down the erotic services section. I'm surprised a "dating section" would come down as well.

IF they are at jeapardy for running w4m or even platonic sections how is Tinder, OkCupid and every other dating site not at risk to get raked in by this law?

The only thing I can think of is the government already has it out for Craigslist so they would fuck with them. Also not sure how backpage can still stay up as there site is clearly much more so prostitution whether were talking massage or w4m.

I know we have a lot of people on this site into crypto. This is exactly what decentralization and crypto was intended for. With a company or an individual "behind" a company or backing a company there's a target to go after and they can also get teh hosting shut down. With decentralization there's no central hosting point, there's no company, there's no known person to go after. Except that there is when it comes to internet businesses that want an easier time making money.

Ask Roosh what happened when PayPal, Disqus and others turned against him for magically violating terms of service that didn't even clearly exist. Sure, you can go to the darkweb where Silk Road used to be, but good luck getting your site picked up in search engines or getting the word out beyond people who know how to find you.

And forget about ad revenue or affiliates. There was an earlier site in San Fran that got busted for actively facilitating P4P to include membership fees , but mere discussion of the lifestyle wasn't per se targeted. I can only assume that back then there had to be significant money changing hands to get FBI interest. Craigslist never had membership fees or revenue streams from participants surrounding their similar ads. Even with all the media coverage about the Ashley Madison meltdown, very few news outlets have grasped the fact that AM had a lot of dubious things buried deep in their terms pages.

The clarity and the privacy measures already in place on Mixxxer are important. Almost immediately after the Ashley Madison news broke, a few very vanilla sites had gotten temporary bumps of interest from women looking for no strings attached dates online.

Tinder for example asks for very little information and the swipe style of their interface makes women feel safer in some cases. Who exactly do those know-it-alls think these men are having sex with lol! I know just as many women trying to live up to the lifestyle Kim Cattrall portrayed brilliantly as Samantha in Sex and the City. When I find someone who interests me, I want to meet them and see if we click or not… why waste time talking in circles?

Dating sites built specifically to attract and entertain people interested in meeting local singles, swingers, or open minded couples do a lot to help you filter out spectators so you can focus your time on finding the right match, or move on quickly when you find a potential mate who turns out to be Mr.

The Mixxxer app interface is every bit as slick as the one Tinder offers people — it just happens to focus on the kind of open minded people I want to play with and leaves all the squares to find their own fun somewhere else. We thank you for choosing Mixxxer and our support staff is always available to assist you, so feel free to contact us any time if we can be of service.

Craiglist sluts dating apps

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Private girl escort busty asian girl Cook County Sherrif ie Chicago Tom Dart went after them years ago and made them take down the erotic services section. We are seeing a loss of content across multiple platforms. Obvious lie is obvious. I know just as many women trying to live up to the lifestyle Kim Cattrall portrayed brilliantly as Samantha in Sex and the City. Even with all the media coverage about the Ashley Madison meltdown, very few news outlets have grasped the fact that AM had a lot of dubious things buried deep in their terms pages. But ten percent of it is real.